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Incredible Istria

Things you hardly expect and many ways to make you feel unique, that is Istria.

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"We were a whole day there and took a golf car to visit the main island Veli Brijuni.It was an unforgetable romantic experience to visit this fantastic island, the meadows, the deers, the excavations of Roman and Byzantinic palaces and of course to see how Tito spent his time there too.A additional special point to see is a small bar just nearby the elephants where only fine classic music is played (but not loud!!) and a perfect waiter (Marko) is too there.Best point to relax with a good coffee just mid of your tour.You can see there the indegenous beef from Istria, the Boskarin, with is a giant compared to an ordinary beef! And zebras, various goats, ostrichs and .... and last but not least some nice aras, which will try to talk with you when in a good mood.We felt as if we were in a arcadic surrounding 1000 of years ago.The traces of dinosaurs on the coast are impressive, worth to go the short walk there."

That's how a TripAdvisor user describes Brijuni, on of the eight National parks of Croatia. Brijuni is a group of island, covered by forest, easily accessible by boat from the village of Fažana, and that's the only National park situated in Istria, the Northernmost coastal region of Croatia, that is very closed to Italy, geographicaly and culturaly, and commonly compred to famous Mediterranean regions such as Tuscany or Provence, because of its rich heritage, unique nature and great gastronomy.

Exactly, the density of heritage site is virtualy the same as it is in the mentioned regions, since Brijuni has traces of dinosaurus and there are nbumbers of escavations showing that life in Istria was rich in the Roman times.

And not only escavations! The Amphiteater of Pula is just like anothe Colosseum, but more preserved, where you can experience great music events, such as Outlook Festival or Paloma Faith and guests .. and many others. Inside Amphiteater, or outside, but on another ancient place in Pula, such as Forum . What about listening to our favorite contemporary music, surrounded by 2000-years-old stones, composed with purpose? Well, you can also choose a classical music event, if you prefer so. :)

In the ton of exclusivity, wine tasting is almost compulsory. So many winaries there are, which is logical, because there are so many wine producers. In the list of top 20 wineries of Croatia, published on the blog Chase the Donkey two are Istrian – Kozlović and Kabola. As you can see, both provide the possibility to book a visit and having an opportunitiy to take a tour through the production and taste the most precious wines of the regions, the way you might do it – in Italy or France!

Photo credit by Kabola
*Photo credit by Kabola

Psssst! Here we come with the Istria's most kept secret – truffles! You can participate in the truffle hunting, if you come into the right season. But even if you don't, you can always book your gala dinner and try the variety of traditional and creative truffle dishes. There are some agencies offering this service, with trasportation to the middle of the Istrian forest!

After dinner, where do you go to sleep? To make sure you'll sleep well, relax, have a comfy welness facilities and be right on the beach and near the historical center of pictoresque Rovinj, you are strongly recommended to chose one of three pearls of Maistra, which are situated next to each other – Monte Mulini, Lone or Eden. If you ask what is the difference between the, we'll respond - what's similar?

Next morning, after waking up, don't hesitate to have a walk through the seafront, until you reach the historical center of Rovinj. Here you can have a coffee or an ice-cream, observe the incredible perspectives and palaces, before you go to Poreč, to visit the only UNESCO heritage monument of Istria, the Episcopal Complex ofthe Euphrasian Basilica.

Difficult to imagine that these mosaics persist so many centuries so golden, isn't it?

It's so fun how someone wrote a comment about this place...

The Basilica complex is a World Heritage site, dating from the sixth century. It is one of the glories of Poreč, indeed one of the glories of Croatia. Do not miss it. Even if you think you have little interest in old churches, ruins, saints and art, or any of these, I am sure that you will find something here...

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