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Island of Gold and Green

We are luckily inviting you to visit the Krk island in its most exotic side, and finish the adventure in a warm wellness.

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The Krk island is the northernmost Croatian island, situated near the city of Rijeka, and accessbile by the bridge that was built in 1980. Since the Classical Antiquity it has been known as a „golden island“ in many books, articles and documents. Since the mid-2000s the island is commonly said to be a „green island“ because of its highly sustainable environmental policy which includes safe water supply, a well-developed recycling system and plans (some of them already completed) for installing renewable energy sources.

The island has lots of villages and different reality, but here we'll focus on the exotic southern part of the island, starting in the city of Krk, involving Puntarska draga, and arriving to Baška, a hidden paradise with a long beach and surreal landscapes around it.

This trip suggestion is a car trip, and a great choice for young or mature couples, for small groups of friends, or families with children aged 12-18. It’s also not bad for solo travelers, but the experience is better when shared on place!

It is obvious that the city of Krk is the center, as it has the same name. The city is quite small, but very historically important. This is the city where Romans made mosaics that still persist, a city where one of the most powerful noble families of the region had their base (Frankopan family) and the city of Krk offers you pleasant summer night atmosphere, with music, theater, street animation, cocktail bars, fine restaurants and high-quality local products on sale. The historical center is made in stone, which is well enlightened at night, providing magical atmosphere. We suggest you to visit the city by day in the beginning of your trip, and by night during your stay on the island.

Now, prepare yourself, you are leaving urban culture, and going to the nature. The Bay of Punat is surrounded by olive trees. In the middle of the Bay is a little island of Košljun, covered by pine forest, and the home of a Franciscan Monastery. Anyone can visit it, you just need to get into the center of Punat, check with locals when the place is opened for visits, as there are many sacral activities over there, and the friars have their day schedule (meetings, lunch, daily pray), and take the boat transportation.

Olives, olives, olives. This story has been developed past years. Try following local news to know if there is any olive-related event at the time you are here. You can always stop before reaching Punat and take photos in front of the Bay, surrounded by olive trees on your left and right side, in front of you, behind you.

Now you are leaving these sweet landscapes with olives and pines! Now it's time for the complete exotics, rocky surroundings and surprising arrival to Baška. On the way, there is a tiny little river, which usually stays supplied by water the entire year, sometimes more, sometimes less. On the way, in the little village of Jurandvor, there is a very little medieval church. It has a great historical importance – find out why, where you get there! Then, have a walk in the beautiful green surroundings.

If you are an adventurous wander-luster, you’ll love mountain hiking to the island’s highest peak – Veli vrh, which is a very popular trekking tour. However, go there only in larger groups and well-equipped, because some weather conditions may be unexpected, and some ways are not safe at all.

After all these adventures get to Baška, and stay a bit on the beach. This beach can be great for just relaxing, but it’s also a venue for adrenaline sports.

After all, get into your room, on the very beachfront. Wake up in the morning, open your window, and dive deeply in the blue. Premium rooms are available in the Villa Adria, but if you prefer a more budget option, here is also Hotel Corinthia Baška, with wellness facilities, offering you dreamy relaxation after adrenaline activities, even when it’s raining.

It’s the place to stay for one week of adventure, and don’t forget to fulfill your days with a night walk in Krk, trying the ski lift in Punat, and tasting precious wines in nearby Vrbnik!

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